Dear internets,

I wish to purchase a laptop computer. I am a little sick of my slow, old computer. I mean, it's totally functional, but it's getting to be a little outdated (it's been 6 years since I got it!). I assume that when I got it it had the best stuff... Well, I don't know that for sure, but you can tell me. It has 120 GB hard drive, 1.8 GHz, with 512 MB RAM. It doesn't have any problems, but if I have too many programs running, my computer thinks it can't handle it and starts getting lazy. It's nearly impossible to work on my company's website - I am sure part of it is Comcast sucking, but the pages always time out before they load. And the help desk said if I'm wired, it shouldn't be this bad and it's probably my computer's fault.

I am looking at a Sony, purely because it's CHAMPAGNE GOLD OOOH! You can customize it, and for $1429 I have it with 200 GB hard drive, 2.4 GHz, and 3 GB RAM (plus some other upgrades - Office, Photoshop, extended life battery and a mouse). Should I go for more? I am willing to spend up to $2,000 if it means I can wait another 6 years to upgrade. I'm not as concerned about the hard drive - I'm going to keep this one as long as it works - so I'll have that additional storage. It's more memory/speed that I'm worried about. I don't do much fancy stuff with this computer, but it'd be nice to watch movies on my laptop. I hear there's a new Starcraft coming out, but that'll probably be the extent of my gaming.

I am kinda tempted to get a Mac... I had one before and loved it, but I know that so many websites and programs don't have Mac versions. It also fought with my PC over which computer could use the internet. Mac was a jealous bully and said "If I can't have it, no one can!" (I think I just needed a different brand wireless router, but that was very aggravating). And I hated that I couldn't right-click!

If anyone wants to voice opinions and help determine the future of my home electronics, please comment!

the tournament

Puzzle people:

My dad doesn't know if he's going to feel up to going to the tournament this year. If he goes, it'll be a last-minute decision because he needs to see how his side effects are. Dad normally pays for my registration and we share a room. I just pay for the plane ticket. Well, I really, really, really want to go this year - even if my dad doesn't - but I can hardly afford it... my dad mentioned a lady on the NYT forum who needed a roommate but I'm concerned about bedtime. Do any of you know of a female I can room with who is likely to stay up late at night (or won't mind if I do)? I don't smoke or snore!


Just finished The Time Traveler's Wife today.

You have to read it! (Unless you already have, of course - then you're exempt.)

When there's a sale, I can't resist.

If anyone likes fun/goofy/artsy t-shirts, you should check out They're a Chicago company started years ago by a friend of a friend. Now they're so huge, one of my students recognized one of my threadless shirts. It's a community project - people submit designs, then everyone scores them. The ones with the highest scores get printed. It's a democracy! (And a genius idea on the part of the creator - he knows the shirts are gonna sell out!) I just spent $80 on shirts, and Nelson spent another $40 because right now they're having a $10 sale. Girls' shirts are normally $17 and boys' are $15, so they're still normally not that expensive. I wanted to spread the love, but with a small selfish request - let me know if you're thinking of buying anything so I can go to the site and send an email to you before you actually buy it. That way I get bonus points :) Anyway, here's mine and Nelson's stash:

Splatter in D Minor
Fish Tank
Rock Out With Your Cock Out

Keeping It Real
Star Men in Moon's Milk

All those shirts are mine, mine mine!

I got these for my sister: (notice the animal theme?)
Satan's Little Helper
Hide and Sheep
Big Cats (You have to look at the larger image on that one)

Nelson's getting these:
Hero Within
War and Peas

And for his brother
In Case of Fire

Rock Band!!

OMG it is sooo awesome! I feel like a silly fangirl but it is honestly one of the best games ever!!! Believe it or not, only 20 copies of the game were released in the Bay area today and Nelson got one!

Nelson and I have two bands, one for me on guitar and him on drums... called Phish Theater. The other, with him on guitar and me on drums is called Dream Pumpkins. His favorite band is Dream Theater, if you couldn't tell. And I'm guessing mine are pretty obvious (and a little more well-known).

We're 244 stars into Phish Theater's world tour and have been playing on hard (both of us) until now... our joints were so sore we had to stop, but the last message we got was that if we want to play at certain venues we have to play at a harder difficulty level! All that's left is expert!

The drums are fun as hell, and I am really pleased with how the guitar turned out. We've both been failing every song on the microphone (except when I sang "Creep") so we're hoping something's wrong with it :( We don't want to admit we're bad singers... Dan, you'll have to let me know what the secret is.

All in all this is going to be a really fun game. There is so much more to do than in Guitar Hero games, and it's going to take us way more than just two days to beat it...

Five stars!


My tonsils are full of pus, it hurts like hell to swallow, and I just blew my nose in such a way that my ears won't get back to normal pressure. I slept 16 hours from Saturday-Sunday. I haven't worked or gone to any classes since Saturday. I went to the doctor yesterday... of course it's the flu and there's nothing he can do about it. It's all been bearable until last night, because I've been sleeping through the worst of it. But the cough started. And it kept me up all this morning... and I'm just ready for it to be gone already!!!

If the doctor didn't check my ears yesterday but today it feels like I was swimming and can't get the water out of my ears, should I go back?

Guitar Hero III

Very impressed! I beat the game last night on Hard and am still working on Expert. I must have a Guitar Hero/Rock Band party when the next game comes out so we can play multi-player. But so much fun! 

my first big one!

I know I shouldn't be so excited about it, but it was kinda cool!

5.7 magnitude... I was in Cupertino, but my pictures and books and yarn and stuff fell from my top shelves.

I'm pissed.

Why am I pissed?

Because the one day I get to sleep in, I get woken up by the ICE CREAM TRUCK. It's 10:20 in the frickin' morning. Wait til after lunchtime, dumbass.


I admit, the only thing that urged me to watch the new show Drive was an ad I heard on the radio comparing it to Heroes and LOST, two of the best shows on television. I was very intrigued.

I am hooked! I'd highly recommend this show. I hate getting into shows late in the game - so if that's you, start watching this show now! You can catch up online (there was a 2 hour premier and another regular episode on Monday, the regular time).

I'd only compare it to LOST or Heroes in that it's a ensemble cast of people thrown into a strange situation with little knowledge on the audience's behalf of their lives before this event. So it looks to be moderately character-driven (har), which in my opinion is a lot better than action shows (like 24) that are all action all the time.

But the basic premise of the show is a cross-country race that all these people are competing in, either by choice or by coercion. The characters, so far, seem to have interesting back-stories. And, of course, there are lots of fast car scenes. And tons of mysteries to be solved. The writers have so much to play with. The teams of people racing have their own issues among themselves (there are reunited half-brothers, a father-daughter team, a married couple, and others are complete strangers), and with so many teams, there are endless conflicts and connections to make between them all.

Wow. I used to hate Fox, but with Prison Break, House, and now Drive, it's beating my beloved ABC! Good thing Prison Break is over and I stopped watching 24 (Going to watch them all consecutively) - otherwise I would have way too many shows to keep up with.
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