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When there's a sale, I can't resist.

If anyone likes fun/goofy/artsy t-shirts, you should check out They're a Chicago company started years ago by a friend of a friend. Now they're so huge, one of my students recognized one of my threadless shirts. It's a community project - people submit designs, then everyone scores them. The ones with the highest scores get printed. It's a democracy! (And a genius idea on the part of the creator - he knows the shirts are gonna sell out!) I just spent $80 on shirts, and Nelson spent another $40 because right now they're having a $10 sale. Girls' shirts are normally $17 and boys' are $15, so they're still normally not that expensive. I wanted to spread the love, but with a small selfish request - let me know if you're thinking of buying anything so I can go to the site and send an email to you before you actually buy it. That way I get bonus points :) Anyway, here's mine and Nelson's stash:

Splatter in D Minor
Fish Tank
Rock Out With Your Cock Out

Keeping It Real
Star Men in Moon's Milk

All those shirts are mine, mine mine!

I got these for my sister: (notice the animal theme?)
Satan's Little Helper
Hide and Sheep
Big Cats (You have to look at the larger image on that one)

Nelson's getting these:
Hero Within
War and Peas

And for his brother
In Case of Fire
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