small one (mammothali) wrote,

Rock Band!!

OMG it is sooo awesome! I feel like a silly fangirl but it is honestly one of the best games ever!!! Believe it or not, only 20 copies of the game were released in the Bay area today and Nelson got one!

Nelson and I have two bands, one for me on guitar and him on drums... called Phish Theater. The other, with him on guitar and me on drums is called Dream Pumpkins. His favorite band is Dream Theater, if you couldn't tell. And I'm guessing mine are pretty obvious (and a little more well-known).

We're 244 stars into Phish Theater's world tour and have been playing on hard (both of us) until now... our joints were so sore we had to stop, but the last message we got was that if we want to play at certain venues we have to play at a harder difficulty level! All that's left is expert!

The drums are fun as hell, and I am really pleased with how the guitar turned out. We've both been failing every song on the microphone (except when I sang "Creep") so we're hoping something's wrong with it :( We don't want to admit we're bad singers... Dan, you'll have to let me know what the secret is.

All in all this is going to be a really fun game. There is so much more to do than in Guitar Hero games, and it's going to take us way more than just two days to beat it...

Five stars!
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