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I admit, the only thing that urged me to watch the new show Drive was an ad I heard on the radio comparing it to Heroes and LOST, two of the best shows on television. I was very intrigued.

I am hooked! I'd highly recommend this show. I hate getting into shows late in the game - so if that's you, start watching this show now! You can catch up online (there was a 2 hour premier and another regular episode on Monday, the regular time).

I'd only compare it to LOST or Heroes in that it's a ensemble cast of people thrown into a strange situation with little knowledge on the audience's behalf of their lives before this event. So it looks to be moderately character-driven (har), which in my opinion is a lot better than action shows (like 24) that are all action all the time.

But the basic premise of the show is a cross-country race that all these people are competing in, either by choice or by coercion. The characters, so far, seem to have interesting back-stories. And, of course, there are lots of fast car scenes. And tons of mysteries to be solved. The writers have so much to play with. The teams of people racing have their own issues among themselves (there are reunited half-brothers, a father-daughter team, a married couple, and others are complete strangers), and with so many teams, there are endless conflicts and connections to make between them all.

Wow. I used to hate Fox, but with Prison Break, House, and now Drive, it's beating my beloved ABC! Good thing Prison Break is over and I stopped watching 24 (Going to watch them all consecutively) - otherwise I would have way too many shows to keep up with.
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